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back in maai mahiu

first night back in maai mahiu, kenya since march. so much change…new hires both in the states and kenya side, new partners like lucky brand and henri bendel for the LIFE Line, a tour on the east coast with whole foods market, officiating the wedding… Read More

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The Man Who Stopped the Desert

The Man Who Stopped the Desert

one of the most powerful documentaries i have seen showing the profound impact one man can make for thousands. this man, Yacouba Sawadogo has lived a 25 year journey to change the face of his people in Burkina Faso through simple, yet innovative farming methods providing food, security and empowerment for hundreds of communities. a simple, humble, focused journey with the purest of motives builds into a mountain of powerful change…inspiring!

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In Burkina Faso, the rapid desertification of the once fertile plains of the Sahel caused droughts and ruined harvests, sparking a mass exodus of village inhabitants and famines that decimated populations. Yet remarkably, one illiterate peasant farmer and his ingenious farming methods have proved the key to achieving what experts have failed to do: stop the desert. This inspiring documentary tells the unique story of Yacouba Sawadogo, whose years of toil have transformed the lives of thousands.