marley: a life lived with infinite passion

last night natalie and i finished one of the most powerful documentary films on a single individual, Marley: a film by kevin macdonald. the film dives to the depths of bob marley’s person, his music, his faith, his family, the world’s stage and the state of jamaica.

a man of extreme contradiction, incredible depth and fierce pursuit for meaning lived out loud and at high volume.

words that ran through my mind after the film: contradiction, power, love, faith, fierce, legend, determined, passionate, creative, destructive, infinite, bold, white, black, reggae, rostafarian, africa, community, promiscuous, reflective, peace, authentic, uncompromising, free flowing, persistent, all encompassing, believer, christ, god, mother earth, humble, ego, fulfilled, fearless, boundary-less, ethiopia, cancer, healer, soccer, abundant.

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