back in maai mahiu

first night back in maai mahiu, kenya since march. so much change…new hires both in the states and kenya side, new partners like lucky brand and henri bendel for the LIFE Line, a tour on the east coast with whole foods market, officiating the wedding for my friends molly mcnearney and jimmy kimmel, a week planning the next big things for CTC at allegro coffee and now here after spending the weekend with our CTC team for a staff retreat in mombasa. rapid change and yet only inching closer to fulfilling our mission to create sustainable change by empowering local kenyan communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

and yet regardless of that inching i feel such thankfulness to be here. to share this time with my long time friend and co-creator, jeremiah kuria doing something at a scale we never imagined. never did we think we would become the largest employers in town when we first met over 13 years ago. and at the same time having the opportunity to introduce all this craziness and growth to one of CTC’s newest team members, our US Director, shannon owen. it is her first time to kenya and experiencing africa through her eyes as a business woman and as a mother is all new and exciting for all of us.

so many lives changed these past 11 years as CTC. so many painful experiences, so many joys, so much disappointment, so much unexpected joy and growth. anxious anticipation keeps me company tonight as i think about what lies around the corner. what hurdles, what accomplishments, what opportunities await us as the CTC family?

rain falls on maai mahiu
my first night back to kenya in many months
the familiar sounds of the trucks as they pass in the distance
the rustling and knocking of their cargo

candle lit and music playing quietly
i’ve created a contemplative mood
in this tiny space that is my home for the next 6 weeks

always an awkward transition
a graceful stumble coming back
but one still as exhilarating as my first trip 13 years ago.

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