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ubuntu days

it’s a quiet evening here in the rift valley with the exception of a few playing children down the dirt path, the occasional buzzing of a passing motorbike and the fading prophetic screams of a nearby evangelist proclaiming what i do not know as it… Read More

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women of power

today was beyond words. we currently have our hope team in session working with a group of 50 local kenyan women. the women consist of mothers living with children with special needs, grandmothers who are farmers by trade, but left caring for their grandchildren after… Read More

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morning of hope

4:15 in the morning…can’t sleep.  thoughts racing about the previous days activities.  yesterday we spent the day in maai mahiu, kenya touring our site and catching up with our staff.  we spent the majority of our time meeting in our LIFE bag factory (factory being… Read More