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how i long to be quiet
to step away from the noise
from the constant conversation of who’s doing what,
of who’s going where
and what are we to do next.

it’s a continuous movement,
endless seeking for an end not in sight.

i would much rather a few minutes of solitude in an empty room
than hours in paradise with constant talking.

the stillness is the journey,
the path towards something rich and infinite.

never did i think this would satisfy such longing,
but the quiet,
the slowness of breath
and opening of the hands,
the surrender
is my greatest joy.



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back in maai mahiu

first night back in maai mahiu, kenya since march. so much change…new hires both in the states and kenya side, new partners like lucky brand and henri bendel for the LIFE Line, a tour on the east coast with whole foods market, officiating the wedding… Read More