Monthly archives of “March 2015

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it just is….

a looseness has fallen on me. a rest of thought. a freedom of being. not exactly sure where or when it blew in, but it’s presence gives more of a rhythm to the day. less stress presses on my mind, more understanding that things come… Read More

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Paris Fashion Week

what in the world am i doing at Paris fashion week? a question i asked myself numerous times this past week while walking the streets of Paris. the short story is that CTC’s fashion brand, LIFE Line was a part of an art installation at… Read More

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the power of choice…

opportunity possibility movement opportunity possibility movement fear doubt stagnation fear doubt stagnation these are the two contrasting cycles that have been playing over and over in my mind these past few weeks. it’s been a big week for me professionally, but even more so emotionally… Read More

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Todos Santos

up early to catch the prime surf, the four of us head over to the nearby cafe for a quick bite. we order our usual, local black coffee, mexican eggs, beans, warm corn tortillas and a healthy side of avocado. drinking down our last few… Read More