i met love tonight!

i met love tonight. my older brother Rance and his wife Tonie had the first Wilemon boy in the family. it’s beautiful what new birth brings to a family. i am filled with love and possibility just being in his presence. i am also amazed at what my brother and Tonie have accomplished together as husband and wife. they committed early on to a home birth and they stuck to this commitment. approximately 3 quick hours of labor later Tonie delivered lil’ Wilemon in the peace and security of their own home. i’m still stoked that Rance actually had the courage to pull lil’ Wilemon from Tonie’s womb. the mid-wife guided the birth to the point that the head broke through and my brother stepped in to finish the delivery…epic! i realize that may seem graphic, but man it’s incredible that he wanted to be that present for his wife, to want to be completely engaged for that miraculous moment.

i had the opportunity to arrive just a few hours after the delivery, my brother with fresh after birth still on his white t-shirt and Tonie comfortably resting in her bed with my hours freshly born nephew resting peacefully next to his mother. there was a stillness, a grace, a love resting all around the house. it’s like nothing i’ve ever experienced before. seeing two people i’ve know so well go through such a transformative experience and seeing the change that has entered the room through their commitment to the journey…no matter what.

image2 image3 image4 image1raw, beautiful, primal, instinctual, real, painful, surreal, magical, divine….love.

it is truly a miracle.

big love,


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