conversation w/ peter sage on london real…

big thanks to my brother Rance for suggesting the London Real episode w/ Peter Sage. if you have a spare hour check it out. he touches on insightful topics from stress is the result of the expectations that control how we think our lives should be, to the power of meditation, to living with clarity into your present being by having your future self converse with your present self, to not letting the imposition of the limitations of others hinder the freedom of being the you you’ve always known you can be…

one of the key things that stood out to me that he kept returning to was the importance of the company we keep. he was emphasizing the values that shape us and determine much of who we become are determined by the values and lives of those we have in our inner circle. for instance if 9 of your closest friends are runners, have a strong spirituality, love to laugh then chances are you will be the tenth that does the same. conversely if 9 of your closest friends love to gossip, talk more about what you want to become rather than taking steps to do it, eat more junk food than healthy food then chances are you will be the tenth that does the same. what drove this point home for me was when peter shared the reality one faces when returning from a journey or moment of clarity or inspiration into who you want to become. as true as that clarity may be one can only sustain that opportunity for growth to the degree that your inner circle cultivates it within you. how true this statement is. we can have breakthroughs and experiences of manifestations into the people we want to become, but those deeper truths can only be sustained if we surround ourselves with a community that desires to cultivate growth within us. it speaks powerfully to our interdependent nature and how we need the support and love of our inner circle to become the greatest versions of ourselves.

thankful for the inspirational reminder the power each of us has by our daily choices. choose wisely, it’s a daily opportunity!

big love,


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