Beers Big Ideas heads to Detroit

Beers Big Ideas headed to Detroit for our first 36 hour immersion. Was an awesome few days of exploration through one of Americas most interesting & reemerging cities.

Biggest revelation through our journey…that time is sacred, it’s living, breathing, giving each of us the opportunity to make choices to become the people, the team we desire to become. Once you set the course to do things with care, allowing time to run its course then you’re willing to make perceived immediate sacrifices for things like profit for the greater fulfillment of mission/vision. Like the badass Detroit based company Shinola, choosing quality over quantity. To use time to commit to the people of Detroit in a transformative way rather than merely a typical transactional job experience.

How we choose to use our time determines our habits which become the daily actions that translate into who we become. “May our being manifest our doing.” As a result of this epiphany my boy Steve & I both purchased Shinola watches to remind us of the tremendous value time brings to our lives.


Big love,



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  1. Shine on Shinola! Time is precious…being in the “moment” gifts us a deep connection of LOVE. So glad for your experience!

    And in the end… the Love you take is equal to the Love you make.
    -Paul McCartney

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