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#beersbigideas 2.0 – Central America style

today starts #beersbigideas 2.0 (bbi). steve wanta and i ventured on our first bbi across east africa and down into south africa during the months of may and june. it was one of those journeys you talk about doing with friends, but typically never accomplish. i’m so thankful we did and as a result we gained the momentum to keep the journey going. this time we’ve invited our good friend and mentor david lannon aka “the grand puba” aka “the minister of common sense” as we journey across central america: costa rica to nicaragua to honduras through belize and finally into guatemala.

as i reflect on the themes of bbi east africa and think about why embark on bbi 2.0 central america i’m reading a book called, the shadow effect. i recently read a section by deepak chopra that speaks to many of the core principles of what we are doing through bbi,

“to escape the fog of illusion, the only way out is reality. in truth there is only one reality. you have no way of separating yourself from it. nor would you wish to once you see the enormous advantage of living in wholeness. your separate self, which has such a huge personal stake in the world, isn’t who you really are. in fact, it may be a total illusion… the self you defend every day as your unique point of view is a convenient fiction that makes the ego feel good. what the ego doesn’t realize, however, is that it would feel even better if it gave up its narrow, selfish stake in the world. when that happens, the true self can emerge. then and only then is wholenss possible.”

the goal is wholeness and to better understand how interconnected the three of us are in the world we serve through our vocations and in our personal lives. steve, david and i have the opportunity to work in jobs that live it’s values externally and hold passionately our core values. a buzz word that we share is “purpose”. to fully live into that purpose is to live in wholeness as leaders. it’s often difficult in the midst of the day to day grind to feel that wholeness and to embody that purpose. it’s much more common to live fractured and find ourselves running into the fog of the egos illusion as a separate self. as a result the need to detach, to journey out for a few weeks, reflect, travel, learn from other people & other cultures and breathe deeply good conversation that grounds us in our values, our friendship and our love for the world….to restore to wholeness. and to have an absolute BLAST!!!

here’s to the journey, to #beersbigideas 2.0 and to giving wholeness the opportunity to emerge!

tank tops & big waves,



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Zane Wilemon is the Founder and Executive Director of Ubuntu. Zane discovered his life’s calling after purchasing a one-way ticket to Kenya in 2000. After living in Kenya for a year, Zane’s life was changed as he recognized that our lives are inextricably tied to God and one another. UBUNTU’s core value is to create opportunities that empower each other to lift ourselves beyond our perceived limitations. Zane is an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas and his Masters in Divinity from the Seminary of the Southwest.

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