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#loveis 2

#loveis all around us. a journey to love and understand love’s depths, love’s playful energy, it’s gentle smile, it’s scars, it’s tears, it’s passion, it’s vibrance, it’s liberation, it’s magnificence, it’s wonder, mystery, fire, depth, and boundless abundance.

“#loveis all around us” is what one of the Maasai beaders said to me while making one of the LOVE bracelets. the other women in the group responded all smiles with an affirming yes. i asked them how it feels to bead LOVE every day as a community. they responded, “we LOVE it!”

it’s difficult to describe what it’s like to sit under an acacia tree in the middle of the African wilderness with a few hundred Maasai mums hearing them chatter about, sing, laugh, drink chai, make fun of each other, and bead over and over the word LOVE in vibrant red and white beads. for a while i just sat in between two mums listening to the collective voice, appreciating the sounds of nature, soaking in the suns warmth on my back, and drinking in the presence of these women, their love for one another, appreciating the beauty of their ancient tradition, their culture, the wonder of their stories, the contrast of their lives to mine, the similarities of their desires for love, for community, for friendship, for belonging. it was one of the single most moving moments in my life. for whatever reason or for no reason at all….my life choices have brought me here under an acacia tree in the Kenyan wilderness to employee, to be with, to listen to, to learn from and to participate in the lives of these magnificent Maasai women.

i have no idea how life unfolds it’s mysteries, but i am damn sure that i’m in awe of it. i couldn’t be more thankful than i am right now for where God has brought me, for the love in my heart and the smile on my face to enjoy such a position as one that brings me into the presence of such incredible people to fulfill such meaningful and playful purpose. can’t thank Chrissie Lamchops, Ty Clark aka Samo4prez, Britt, Cali Totes, the countless Maasai Mums & our LIFE Line Kenya team enough for getting this project launched!

LOVE ON & Merry Christmas!!!

big love,









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Zane Wilemon is the Founder and Executive Director of Ubuntu. Zane discovered his life’s calling after purchasing a one-way ticket to Kenya in 2000. After living in Kenya for a year, Zane’s life was changed as he recognized that our lives are inextricably tied to God and one another. UBUNTU’s core value is to create opportunities that empower each other to lift ourselves beyond our perceived limitations. Zane is an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church and received his undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas and his Masters in Divinity from the Seminary of the Southwest.

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