beers & big ideas begins…

Beers & Big Ideas has officially begun! what started out as a simple idealistic conversation over beers with my good friend Steve Wanta has months later become a reality. we are currently in Zimbabwe and traveling across East Africa discovering more about development, people, culture, beers and our selves. we’ll be on the road for the next few weeks and capturing aspects of the journey on our tumblr blog, please check it out!

i’ve shared a few lines from a recent journal entry below that highlights one of the big reasons i’ve taken the leap for this Great African Adventure. my motivation is for it to represent a proactive leap into newness, healing, responding to tragedy with love and with the belief that life is grand!

“i’ve been learning a great deal about how tragedy shapes our lives. when tragedy greets you at your doorstep i’m realizing that you have the freedom to exercise the power of choice. i believe how we choose to meet tragedy when it reaches us determines much about the evolution of our characters. do we close the door, retreat to the illusions of safety and pretend the tragedy will leave us? do we hide in hopes that the pain will go away? or do we receive tragedy’s hand, invite it into the inner chambers of our hearts and join the invitation it grants us to be broken, to shed what we once knew to be ourselves and journey into the unknown space it affords us to discover more about who we are?

when tragedy comes neither choice is easy and no matter what we may think we will never be the same once tragedy enters our lives. i am choosing to take tragedy’s hand and am embarking on the journey elsewhere. externally not knowing what i will see, who i will meet or what i will discover i am stepping into the unknown. internally the pain hurts and often the fear is suffocating, but at the same time there is a deep curiosity about who i will become, what i will learn about myself and how all of this breaking and reshaping will occur. my desire is that by launching into the tragedy rather than running from it my heart will expand rather than contract, i will learn to love more abundantly rather than shrivel in scarcity, i will let go….and breathe deeply the uncontrollable mystery of life.

regardless….tragedy i welcome you to do as you will now that you are here. may the journey begin.”

for more of the African adventures and shenanigans check it,

big love,


Steve just dronin' the African Wildlife Foundation anti-poaching unit w/ 60+ herd of elephant Steve, me & drone w/ the African Wildlife Foundation anti-poaching team African roadtrip sunsetps – and yes we have a drone!


  1. I am glad. You are taking this great step in your life. Everything. In this. World happens for a reason, but one thing i know for sure that tragedies and pain in our lives helps us to grow and boost our inner strengeth. I prray for you to emerge. From this a more stronger and greater person.Who God will use to belp. Others. In similar situation. GOOD LUCK BROTHER

    1. thank you my beautiful sister. love you so much and am thankful to have you in my life. looking forward to catching up and continuing to encourage one another to grow. BIG love!

  2. Zane,

    I am behind in knowing your struggles but know that I am praying for you. For strength, peace, adventure and rest. Though we don’t know each other well, I am certain both God and this world have the most incredible things in store for you my friend!

    Sending lots of love,

    1. mccall you’re awesome…thank you! i can’t tell you how much your prayers mean. definitely looking forward to connecting soon and meeting that lil baby.

      big love!

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