getting the train on new tracks

it’s well over a month now, almost two, since i last wrote. these past two months have been excruciatingly painful. having the love of your life walk away from you…there are no words to capture that kind of heartache. since that time i have been doing all the logistical things one does to close such a door. days come and go and you do what you must do to keep going. some days are good other days are bad and the average day is just that…very very average.


finally i have arrived at what i am marking as a new beginning. it’s been nonstop these past 2 months and now time for a breath. i’m in Lamu for the next few days taking time to heal, to listen, to pause and let the flood occur and also to pick myself up and create a new life. i’m viewing this time as a sacred space or as a good friend called it a “thin space” that will not last so i should take advantage and live fully this “thin space.” that is exactly what i plan to do.



this week is more of a recovery to set a base line where i plan to launch. three weeks from now i will take my first ever sabbatical. i couldn’t be more thankful for my CTC team, staff and board, who have been full of love and support. they are letting me run off for a month in hopes that i return more sane…not sure that will happen 🙂

my plans for the month long sabbatical? i am getting a car and hitting the African roads driving from Kenya to Victoria Falls and back with my good friend Steve Wanta. Steve and i have been discussing the possibilities of an all Africa roadtrip for a while now and no better time than when life hits you in the face with heartbreak. we are self-titling our trip #beersbigideas. we both have quite the affinity for beer and we are in pursuit of big ideas. Steve works for Whole Planet Foundation so our passions to serve humanity creatively and with authenticity run parallel. as a result we will be drinking plenty of beer, pretending to discuss big ideas and visiting several amazing humanitarian and social enterprise projects along the journey. i’ll be tracking much of the venture here so please stay tuned!

big love,



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