God is opening my heart in ways i never thought possible. through immense pain i am receiving something beautiful. allowing life to move about you, letting the decisions of others shift your path and simply receive those painful choices without a hopeless fight. it is incredibly gut wrenching and yet freeing at the same time.
ten years ago today i made a decision that i felt was blessed. a decision that forever changed my life. today on that anniversary a break has occurred…bizarrely on the exact day. and yet with the pain i have also received a heightened awareness of the gifts, the blessings, the love and somehow the pain has a sweetness.
the love is never lost…for the love has changed my heart. for that change i am forever grateful, forever transformed, forever blessed for the love in my life.
thank you for the sweetness, thank you for the tears, thank you for the joy, thank you for the heartbreak, thank you for the faithfulness, thank you for the laughter, thank you for the purity, thank you for the dreams, thank you for being you…all my love forever.

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