drifting emptiness…

i feel the loss more now than ever before. the emptiness, the absence of what was. the lost time and the gnawing coldness where once there was warmth, touch and love. i know that time heals and so much healing has already taken place, but…the emptiness, the vacancy of space remains and perhaps that is ok. if there were not the void, then where was the love? perhaps the greater the love lost, the greater the void and the more gnawing the emptiness that remains.

i find my mind drifting into innocent memories when i give my mind the freedom and space. memories that i cherish and pray never leave me. for those memories are so much of who i have become and therefore who i will be.

thank you for those memories. thank you for those moments of innocence when we were discovering who we are. thank you forever for the love.

big love,


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