the beginning of #loveis

In flight heading to Kenya. it’s been a while since jumping back into the travel thing. i always have to gear up mentally. the next 3 months are pretty much full go back on the road. there’s always a dying of home when i leave and a birthing of the unknown that only travel abroad can bring. you never know what the wind will bring…

also the time brings a detachment from home. it’s almost like your momentum shifts and there’s a lift in thought, a breath like your floating in an inbetween space. it’s not until i hit this inbetween space that i enjoy the travel. i always resisit getting back on the road, but then the space comes and i’m lifted.

it’s this space where much of the inspiration comes. the free flow of thought, the disconnect from what i’m supposed to be or do or say and there’s a freeness of being. i think much of this for me is what my first trip to africa symbolized, a breaking away from what was expected and a release into the unknown. that feeling still finds me everytime. i’m thankful for that.
this trip is dedicacted to the pursuit and understading of love. we’re launching a #loveis campaign known as the #loveisproject. we’ll be traveling across the globe armed with a handmade red “LOVE” bracelet telling the human story of love seen through the eyes of those we meet across the globe. the bracelets are handmade by communities of Maasai women that CTC employees through our fashion brand, the LIFE Line. the goal of the project is to weave a tapestry of art through the story of LOVE while creating jobs for marginalized women in Kenya. our desire is to tap into the beauty and depths of the human love story hearing it’s rythyms, it’s complexities and it’s simple truths.

it’s odd timing considering the breaking i’ve experienced in my own life this past year. i’m honored that this project found me during this time and that i can heal through the love stories of others. perhaps even connect in deep ways through others pain and form bonds unexpected. i’m thankful for life’s mysterious gifts and how life continues to surprise at every turn.

big love,



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