muffin top memoirs…

i have a muffin top. not that i possess a nice fluffy top of a pastry ready to consume, but a fleshy fatty portion of my stomach subtly folding over my waistline that i am fondly referring to as a muffin top. typically this kind of thing would bother me and puncture my well endowed ego, but for some reason 2011 is bringing something new. not that i’m hoping for a larger biggie sized muffin top for the new year, but that a new season is breathing new perspective.

the muffin top exists because 2010 has been such a grueling year. i have lost balance in some areas….and yes i am getting older and recognizing my small attempts at exercising may need to be boosted. however, as i was saying…2010 has been grueling and areas that were once so important like image, exercise, etc…had to bend in order to climb ctc to a higher place. even as i write that i’m not sure it’s true. yes i have logged more hours and have struggled much, but many areas of growth blew in not by effort as much as by providence.

i alluded to new perspective and i hope this newness stays to the end. of recognizing the importance of intentionality, of a healthy sense of humor, of taking time to rest…genuine rest, cultivating a growing curiosity about where my food comes from and what it means to celebrate meals with loved ones and the health benefits that result, tapping deeper into exploring my intuition and allowing that to flourish rather than a small voice i recognize, but too often over analyze to the point of it’s absence….

there are so many curiosities i have boiling from within that i’m eager to explore…wondering what lies around the corner and how this imagination can grow to new heights as it seeks to create off the platform prepared for it’s launching.

big love,


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