it’s all about relationships and play

On the 17th we had the pleasure of hosting Sarakazi again. You may have seen some blogs previously about recent visits. They are a Danish funded NGO who supports the performing arts and already works on a weekly basis in various hospitals in Nairobi with children who are sick. They have partnered with CTC to come down to Maai Mahiu from Nairobi on a monthly basis and entertain both the kids at Good Shepherd and Malaika Kids. This past visit was all about painting. The brought all the needed paints, paper, brushes etc. and let the kids go to work. The first was time at Malaika
Kids. The bottom two photos show Dan doing a very impressive painting of which he is so proud. It hangs in his room at home. And the other is of a group of children making a good ole mess. Then we went to Good Shepherd and as you can see from the photos, the boys performed various skits and puppetry of which the kids about fell over laughing. It’s great to see the children at first wondering who are these new people to adoring them towards the end. Then the kids also got paint and play games for a few hours. I was really impressed with some of the paintings. Little budding artists. It’s a wonderful
escape for them. All in all it was a great day of bonding and play. And of course I enjoyed it as much if not more than the children. Guess if you can’t be a child at heart why be an adult at all? Thanks Sarakazi to another amazing day!!!!!!

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