1. Zane, awesome to hear some of your thoughts. I appreciate your passionate eloquence. Very inspiring.
    There have been so many problems created & perpetuated by well-intentioned folk… let’s hope CTC can learn from other orgs and people & build upon what works!

    PS ok I just have to ask – no capitals in the whole thing – is this like k d lang, where you’ve got to fight to get rid of those opressive big letters? Or does it really just come out that way? I have realised I just cna’t type without capitals, they automatically re-enter…

    1. Mali,

      Thanks for taking the time to read and for letting me know your thoughts. This whole facebook and blog thing is so different and new for me. I often times feel quite “out there” and vulnerable by giving it a go.

      I completely agree about hoping CTC can learn from other orgs…what works and what has not…and build upon that so that CTC can be an exemplary org that promotes local empowerment and sustainability.

      As for the no caps…two reasons…I like to type fast and it helps there. Also I wanted to see what peoples reactions would be and already it’s produced a reaction….NICE!

      Big love,


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