Kenya Reflections

The diverse songs of the Mara birds, the river frogs and valley insects fill the air as we watch the approaching thunderstorm roll in over the vast grasslands. It’s day two on safari in the Maasai Mara and I am overwhelmed with deep gratitude. The type of gratitude where your heart provokes your mind with reflective thoughts sending a resonating calm through your body. The calm works it’s way as I write, where the inward emptiness is slowly replaced with a deep sense of belonging.Africa has a way of creating this space within yourself. It’s vast expansiveness opens you in a way that breaks habitual patterns and roots you into the primal rhythm often lost in the hustle of the typical western fast paced lifestyle. Africa breathes it’s majestic wildness and the patterns of scheduled accomplishments and expectations are washed away, replaced by something more clear and true than can be explained, but only experienced.
My lifestyle for the past year or so has been nothing short of these deadline driven accomplishments and I’ve experienced more stress than I can remember as a result. Journeying through the divorce combined with the growth and rebrand of CTC to UBUNTU has taken it’s tole and I find that at times I am becoming a fragment of the man I had hoped to be.

 It’s times like this…breathing in the Kenya air, listening to it’s sounds and breaking from the madness of my thoughts that these patterns pivot into a place of restoration. To be restored, to allow God to manifest Godself through Gods creation so that I begin to find my way again…these are the sacred times that I savor and pray will forge forth a lasting change that I can carry into who I become.

Big love,



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