Beers Big Ideas…the Launch!

“You don’t cross the Grand Canyon in two small steps” were the wise words of Gavin Meiring, Director of the Richard Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship in Johannesburg, South Africa. Steve Wanta and I first heard these words while traveling across Africa in 2014 and we have been manifesting our beings into this doing ever since.

One of the manifestations of this way of being is seen in the creation of Beers Big Ideas which launches today, October 6, 2015 online and at our Launch Party at Hops & Grain Brewery. What started as a month long journey across Africa with my good friend Steve Wanta has transformed into an actual brand. What started as a journey of healing, connecting, listening and having a once in a lifetime adventure has now birthed into multiple trips, a podcast and a book. Three trips and thousands of miles later we are now embarking on creating a lifestyle brand that promotes a certain way of being…a crossing of the Grand Canyon one step and one beer at a time. It is a way of being that we initially discovered while journeying across Africa that then pushed us into two other recent adventures: a roadtrip across Central America and a discovery weekend through the streets of Detroit.

We have learned through this process that big ideas are not only found on the road, but in our own backyard of Austin, Texas which inspired us to launch the Beers Big Ideas podcast. The format is a laid back setting interviewing big idea people who live lives of purpose. Steve and I connect with these individuals over their purpose while kicking back and drinking a beer or three.

It is a constant journey across the Grand Canyon of our lives and learning with each step the wisdom, the love, the hurdles, the joys and sorrows of others crossing that same Canyon and gleaning from them nutrition and laughs for our own souls.

So please pull up a chair, crack open a tasty local beer and join us as we journey across the Grand Canyon together.

Big love,


BBI Way of Being

Live BIG. Share your ideas. Pursue your dreams. Be vulnerable. Listen. Meditate. Open your heart. Explore. Befriend others. Learn from them. Get uncomfortable. Push boundaries. Live at your edge. Take time to rest. Restore the soul. Ponder. Discover your beliefs. Have the courage to live those beliefs out loud. Develop a compassionate heart & a curious mind. Love BIG. Look up.

BBI Manifesto

A band of brothers traveling the globe in search of radical hospitality for oneself, for each other & for the world. We strive to be the best versions of ourselves to better the world around us. Beer is the liquid bread we break with our brothers. Big ideas are the dreams that propel us forward.


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