#ProjectAfricanSummer was a collaboration between 5 brands highlighting social entrepreneurship in Africa: Alaffia, Allegro, LIFE Line, Madecasse and Whole Planet Foundation. The event was sponsored and hosted by Whole Foods Market Pacific Northwest Region and Northern California Region. The idea behind the event was bring Africa into Whole Foods Market stores engaging both Whole Foods Market team members and customers sharing with them the highs and the lows of creating and implementing conscious companies in Africa. We collaborated with musicians Emmanuel Jal and Rocky Dawuni so that the event not only shared stories about Africa, but felt like Africa.   
It was an awesome week connecting with like minded individuals and communities in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Berkeley. The plan is to test out this type of platform with Whole Foods Market to see if it connects with team members and customers in a way that we can replicate at a larger scale for future events in other Whole Foods Market regions.

There are so many “do good” products out there for customers to choose. How are customers to know the difference between a product that simply gives back vs a product that creates impact in how it is manufactured and produced? It comes down to education and giving customers the opportunity to learn about the stories behind their products and #ProjectAfricanSummer is the ideal platform to share those stories about those products in a fun and engaging way.

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