film reflections on a random monday night…

just finished watching the movie “cast away” with tom hanks. it’s been a while since i’ve watched that flick…love that flick. definitely a bare bones simple film with a powerful message. it focuses beautifully on the human spirit. it’s raw, showing very clearly our need for one another, our souls longing for connection…even if it comes in the form of a volleyball named wilson.

it hits home topics like our obsession with time, our need to perform at work at all costs, taking for granted our loved ones, the grandeur of nature, the mysteries of the universe, and our abilities to be in tune with it’s rhythms if we are willing to be stripped down at a primal level to feel, to sense, to hear it’s words.

i love the provoking that films and books like this do to me. they agitate in a good way. they inspire and open you to those subtleties within the human spirit. i like listening to those stirrings and curious where they come from and where they are leading.

“in the stillness we begin to find our true voices.” i once heard that and i believe this to be true. however, i also think it’s a balance between our need for stillness and the deep connection we find in the love of others. the touch, the laughter, the spontaneous opportunities that rise when sharing moments with those beautiful souls where we find our rest. those people who help us discover our greatest longings and give us the courage to vocalize them in hopes that we find the strength to risk their becoming.

there is the need for both the union of others and the detachment we find in the stillness. they move in rhythm and bring a balance to the soul. at it’s best they play in and out of one another where the journey of otherness stirs us, provokes us like the film i watched tonight. then the stillness airs those provokings so that the soul hears what it needs to hear and let’s the silence do its work…to deliver its gift.

here’s to the play of those beautiful souls that make us our best selves and to the silence that stirs their presence deep within our own stories.

big love,


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