opening the hand of thought

Opening the Hand of Thought by Kosho Uchiyama

Let go

“good or evil, likes or dislikes

no matter what i might fall into

each encounter is my life.

letting go, yet with every intensity

holding life precious, living, just living.”

i think of all that i’ve seen during my work in kenya and other parts of the world. in that same breath i think of all i have yet to see. the emotions and life circumstance that can push us one way or another. how to be still? how to allow life’s movement to rush over us, and yet to simply be in the midst of it’s continual push without disdain or lack of trust? to hold not tightly, but gently the beautiful and eternal truths of life while at the same time living boldly into the not so beautiful realities life can bring. a tension that Kosho Uchiyama speaks to when he says, “letting go, yet with every intensity”…striving fervently yet with a release in every step. seeking that balance and living in that rhythm…i long to know.

big love,


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