art, tolstoy & the divine spark

“Art is a microscope which the artist fixes on the secrets of his soul, and shows to people these secrets which are common to all.”

– from the diary of Leo Tolstoy



an incredible man that i am just beginning to discover. i first read tolstoy, aside from War and Peace, Anna Karenina…about his later years, the tolstoyan movement and his passion for living in the heart of Christ a few years ago. his words refreshing to the soul and his passion to create from deep within, from who he knew God to be and who he was as a man, living in russia and part of creation. remarkable that he and mahatma gandhi communicated towards the end of tolstoy’s life about how to live authentically, without fear, but from the essence of oneself. this is where art, creation truly begins….

my wife and i recently watched, The Last Station (, a film based on the 1990 biographical novel by Jay Parini. wonderful book and inspiring film that will move you to ask questions about building your mansion versus living out the fires of divine spark from within, about marriage and the divine comedy it is, about the humor of humanity and our longing to know more about the one calling us through the winds of creation….







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