“into this pitch darkness….”

“into this pitch darkness we are hurled” was the lyric from a song i heard recently. “into this pitch darkness we are hurled”…this line has stayed with me through the night and into today. as i enter further and further, deeper and deeper into adulthood i become increasingly aware of this darkness. not necessarily in a negative sense, but just reality. that as i grow older i gain a greater understanding of just how uncertain and completely unpredictable life can be.

i am learning more the need to let go. to let go and allow life to unfold as it will at the same time allowing life’s unfolding to grow me into something more…something of greater value. it is so easy to give in to the turbulence and ever changing pains of life. i don’t want to succumb. i want to let life teach me and form me rather than slipping into the darkness and finding myself 20 years down the path lost from what my heart longs to be.

circumstances come and go and there is so often nothing we can do about them. people choose to act as they will and it is our choice how we respond. life comes at you in all shapes and sizes and with it’s movement we choose. i am discovering at a quicker pace than i prefer just how important these choices are in regards to the person we become. every decision leads to an action that develops our character. here’s to making decisions more intuitively and allowing life’s movements to strengthen us to greater spaces of freedom and love.

big love,



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