closing of another day

just finishing up after a solid days work for ctc. this still feels odd doing ctc each day. not sure when it will settle in, but i could not be more thankful. to wake up and have the opportunity to live out ones passion…it is a profound and beautiful thing. i find that i am slowly living into what this is…to be an executive director of a non-profit. i often feel the pulling between the two worlds…the young misfit fresh out of college who started this thing simply by plunging myself into africa, and the adult…perhaps the man who now runs a full functioning organization with 20 paid employees, 2 schools, an orphanage and fully functioning economic, health and environmental programs.

somewhere over these past 9 years a shift occurred and i’m still trying to catch up. regardless this is all part of the process…the journey. the stretching, the struggle, the pain and the confusion are as vital as the growth, the joy, the accomplishments and the love.

so here’s to another day living in the fire and walking the journey!

big love,


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